Strange that top player in seasonal pvp tourney is higher than full lvl 30 teams below him

I bet more than half of the people in this thread continue giving Ludia money, further motivating them to keep everything as is :joy::joy:

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The best ever matchmaking, good job Ludia!
This is fair enough for each single player, without whole team level of 30 you can still get high score, and you don’t worry being bullied by top players.

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This is only fair for the lower teams. In what game or sport or anything can you ever reach the top without competing against the best? No one should be able to climb the leaderboard without fighting the other players on it.


The top 3 arenas (5000+) trophies should all be trophy only matchmaking at the very least, probably Aviary as well. If people want to be top 500, make them earn it.


It’s unfair dude. People that have low team levels have for the most part not played the game nearly as much as those with lvl 30 teams. It takes time to get there. And you want to be at the top without fighting level 30s? Lol in order for that, grind it out to get to level 30 teams and then go against these guys. THEN you’ll earn your spot. Not getting there the easy and unfair way which is simply what is happening.


No its not. I called this out when they announced it.

Specifically this part:

“Conversely, you also end up with smurfs. People who make new accounts, keep their dinos at a low level, and push to the top. Since they know the ins and outs, they make an alt account and only go for the very best dinos possible. If we match on level, thatd generally mean the higehst rarity that makes sense (e.g. get stegoceratops and keep it - and your whole team - level 11, poop all over more normal level 11 folks, make it to the top of the leaderboard as a level 11 team, having put minimal time and effort into team development- since they never match players at a higher level). If we match on rarity the same thing. Keep to suchotators, etc.”

Ludia - fix your mm. I’m trying to stay away from the forums but you make it hard.


Definitely agree matchmaking should be solely trophy based.


I would agree with you , except there are so many people with level 28 - 30 uniques , ( boosted too ) , at 4700 , that completely wreck my team . I look back at my matches and seem to beat higher level teams that aren’t full of boosted high level uniques .
And it’s this that makes no sense at all .

yes, but its also on brand.

it is a he, his and him. You guys have been talking about me all day.

Haha it’s been a while Wrothgar. I hope you and your wife are doing well.

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This is the worst hot take in forever on this board and I can only hope it’s a troll.


Because players complained that others were intentionally losing battles to drop arenas.
Arena droppers were ruining the game, was the cry.

Ludia fixed it! Here we are, better for it.

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That didn’t work, because people were complaining about how unfair arena droppers were. Players intentionally lost with weak teams, so they could drop to lower level arenas, bypassing the RNG streaks on the way back up with a strong team. “It’s ruining the game” was the battle cry of those that wanted this current system.

Ludia gave the players what they asked for, and this is it.

Some of us (re: me) said that this type of algorithm wouldn’t fix it and would create more problems than we already had. The vocal folks complaining about a problem they had didn’t cause a terrible idea to be implemented, they just wanted a fix for their problem.

Ludia has chosen to set up a ranking in this game, so there’s a competition. If this one is not fair, it is just not credible. With this system, number 1 does not necessarily deserves it, especially because we do not know the exact modalities.

Moreover, it is a game where everyone invest time and energy to farm and increase dinos, so if we don’t have to do it anymore to win, what’s the point?

Once again, complaining about meeting stronger teams or opponents is having a poor will to progress. Don’t do pvp if you don’t know how to lose.

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Is that you? Sure nice to see your name again!


I’m with you.
I saw this happening when they started demanding MM based on team strength.
This is the result.

Be careful what you ask for.

Agreed. I saw early on (when they demanded a change to the MM system) that basing it on team strength could lead to someone with a weak team having lots of trophies and never seeing the top teams. It’s an exploitable system.

And, here we are.

Very true, I decided not to spend just few months back and still end-up buying latest €20 deal.