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Strange thing are happening... in the arenas... again 😮

Wow, what a night. It all started with a crash that lead to invisible critters and invisible moves, then advanced to those said moves not working properly or calculating stats properly (like increased speed of the opponent being faster than my increased speed dino despite the fact my dinos base speed was faster than theirs), and a swap in of a slower dino by the opponent that lead to me almost winning the match with two strikes (because of the swap in), only the opponent was able to make a move right after the swap and my first move, which allowed them to win the match (unless, by some chance, this slow dino was boosted so crazy fast it was allowed to make a move after swapping, but I don’t remember that being the case. The first glitch with the speed was definitely a glitch for sure. I double checked it).

This on top of the continuation of severely imbalanced gameplay on the arenas (meaning mathematically impossible to win - like my medium strength team with only a few boosts against teams leveled much higher than mine and boosted to the max and likely cost the opponent $$$$$… you know what I mean). It’s been a rough few days of battles. I finally hit a high point only to have the game match me in ways that are super frustrating…

Anyways, that was my evening. Hopefully y’all are fairing better than I have been :roll_eyes::rofl::grimacing: