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Strange things in the 1.7 battles

I want to make this post so that other players can report strange things happened in the battle too(stats related) or explain what happened.

  1. Erlidominus (lvl 30 no boost Attack 1823) could no longer kill Dracoceratops (lvl 30 no boost HP 3646) at one shot … Dracoceratops had 1HP left …

note: before 1.7, Erlidominus’s attack was 1824 Dracoceratops’s health was 3647

  1. Diorjasaur (lvl 30 no boost Attack 1216)'s counter attack showed 1215 not 1216 …
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What battles, I haven’t found a single opponent who hasn’t timed out. all. damn. day.

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I was able to battle in the arena … several matches.
Timed out three times in the middle of the games tho.
Most time I had to restart to look for opponents.

Lucky, but yeah that’s a bit weird

I hope for 1.8 they let Youtubers look at the Beta. So many bugs suggests a lack of testing. And crazy I couldnt even play it after release. No real hope for the morning.

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Connection issues, on your end.


I know what you meant “connection issues” to cause 1hp issue … but sorry, no, the battles went on normal.

My dracoceratops killed half HP Erlidominus although I thought i would definitely lose.

I suspect they changed Erlidominus’s attack to 1822.5 and Dracoceratops’s health to 3646.4

Well I suppose Ludia could have thought that Draco needed a boost ?
Bearing in mind that virtually the whole community thought it needed a nerf rather than a boost they did it on the quiet and hoped no one would notice !

I was dealing with this earlier. A battle that was getting interesting timed out mid way. Bummer because it was a fun one. I also had a lot of problems with timing out before battles. I think this just comes with the territory of updates. Pretty common with technology. Eventually bugs get smoothed out.

Makes sense. Probably to accommodate for the increase to base stats. But still that now makes DC an even bigger nuisance. No relevant creature is now a definite to one shot DC

Same here… have not been able to battle since the update :rage:

I battled some player who boosted Dracoceratops’s attack to 3000+ and health to 4000+

It sucks don’t it.

Oh, LOL!!! I was just collecting (yet another :roll_eyes::joy:) mono gen 2 when suddenly I was interrupted by a message informing me I had just lost a battle (and trophies) that I didn’t even fight :open_mouth::rofl::weary::upside_down_face:

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hahaha thats funny lol

I haven’t been able to battle yet lol. So sad. Hopefully soon though

I know, right?! Until you realize you lost what precious trophies you are able to get… yeah I’ve at times been only winning ONE trophy whilst losing oh so many :grimacing:

I am not battling anymore … who knows I may lose for no reasons lol

Btw, if anyone notice any weird stats issues in the battles, please report. :slight_smile:

You will. I was having that same issue earlier. I think the system might be overloaded with lots of gamers just waiting to try out the updated system. That can bog things down.