Strange way the battles play out I think I'm done plus


The way the team is selected automatically is really frustrating,sometimes I have to relog and the battles already started and I’m down one, the endless trying to level up a dinosaur, poor internet connection in most places …they definitely don’t have the Pokemon go setup. 140 Dart limit really. NINE BUCKS A MONTH FOR 20 extra feet? It always seems like the other dinosaur I’m battling has two to three shots to my one even though my dinosaur is more powerful. I almost deleted today in fact I would have if I hadn’t put out $400 bucks over the last 3 months.


THANK GOD they don’t have the pokemon go setup.

VIP gives extra 50 meters of range, not 20 feet. As well as various other bonuses.

Dinos ALWAYS have the same amount of shots unless you swap, are stunned or die before getting your shot out for this turn.


Might as well be 20 ft… I’m constantly losing connection from the game where I never lose connection from Pokemon go… there are numerous times where I’ve swapped out and not gotten shots in the battle arenas they swapped out and have gotten plenty of shots so either there’s a game problem or somebody’s cheating