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Strangest team

When I faced this guy going into Estate, I was like. Ok, first I faced a bunch of level posted 30s.but when I’m in Estate I face some ones. After this, I just had to find the guys profile and post it on the forum. I see some close to level 30s along with some 1s and 6s. Has this ever happened to anyone.

probably someone trying to drop arenas for some better chances at wins on the way up.


Spit soda out* is this some sort of joke?

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Matchmaking is based on the team you have so having those low leveled creatures van guarantee having a matchup against a player with around the same average levels

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I have a 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 20, 20, 21. I don’t know how it happened.

Sometimes I’ll just add really low leveled creatures and randomly matchmake just to see what happens, but its never permanent. Surprisingly, I still ended up matched against level 21’s+ even with a level 1 on my team [my highest level creature is only 18]

…somehow I still won though. Sheer luck I guess

or skill. Did they keep swapping out. There have been at least like 20 matches for me where it could have been a close match, tie, or loss but they kept switch out and I won. I guess they didn’t think they would take as much damage if they swapped. It’s so frustrating, having to use 2 rampages and 2 impacts to finally kill everything.

Could have also been for friendlies, seeing as levels are standardized there.

It might be someone who was trying what @Colin_Goodman was doing but forgot that the dinosaurs were low level

I think you meant @Colin. :upside_down_face:

My brother just killed an edmontoguanodon. It had 0 health, did an impact and then regenerated and ran. Luckily, he won.

His indominus also got another hit off after the 0 health edmontoguanodon killed him.

I faced a few teams like that last year when I was in Marshes to Estate. @DinoTyrant is correct. I believe they are players who are trying to get easy matchups and high trophy scores due to their level 1 dinos.

They can easily wipe your team with their high level boosted dinos if they get even 1 of them. They are gambling of course as they are majorly screwed if all 4 are their lowest dinos.

Most of us now in high Aviary-low Library will face the more painful variant of this tactic. Super boosted steroid high/max level Thors, Indo G1, Erlidom,
etc and the rest are only L21 unboosted. You lose 3-0, 3-1 and yet lose 36-40 trophies!

Very frustrating, and a reason why many have stopped arena battling. Me, I do enough to just get my daily and follow the best advise I got: Stop after losing 3 straight. Wait 30 min to 1 hr and then come back when those mutants have moved up.

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I am in middle/upper library and after losing ~200 trophies in a row I sometimes change my team in a similar way until I reach ~ 5100 trophies (to avoid aviary), which takes only 2 or 3 more (-40) battles.
This is usually enough to stop the losing streak. And because I lose this battles they are easy wins for my opponents. So in some way this is a win-win sitatuation. Imho at least better than losing 300 trophies caused by bad luck (and sometimes bad play) and frustrating high aviary players, because they are matched against a mid/high library team.

I’m trying to get 50 trophies a day so I can get an extra 500 blue and just to probably be one of the few people that got to Aviary with a highest being a 21

I’ve seen this where the player hopes to draw the high level creatures, and would be matched against level 14-15 in this case. An easy win. A hard loss when he draws all 1’s.

Any 2 of the highest creatures drawn, would likely sweep a level 14-15 team.