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Strategic Community Farming The Next Level of CoOp

Level 20 sanctuaries are a must for strategic players seeking DNA available via sanctuaries and events. Once you have mastered building multiple level 20 sanctuaries efficiently without waste, you may ask yourself what is next?

For ARK, the answer was a strategic Community Farm.

This sanctuary was built with the intent to host the top two most voted for creatures across the teams of ARKs. In 30 hours, 15 teams built it casually without waste.

What does this mean for Ludia? The Community Farm has re-ignited gameplay and an increased number of purchases was seen with this strategy implemented. It’s success generated more revenue for Ludia and folks are now eager to participate in the next build. We call these folks the Farmers of ARK.

What does this mean for JWA Players of ARK? Equal opportunity for 2500+ players to maximize their meta dino DNA gain. For the $20 dollar Elite Care Bundle you are looking at a max of 1900 Diplo or Mammoth DNA or split however you choose.

As a player within ARK you have access to multiple level 20 sanctuaries and the community sanctuary farm is an added bonus sanctuary for those special sales/events.

Interested in learning more about ARK or chatting with us, reach out.
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Happy hunting from your neighborhood sanctuary strategist! ~ DinoL3o :cat:


This has been fantastic, and on behalf of Pounce Global I’d like to thank you for this brilliant idea.
ARK really has been a major reason for keeping my interest alive in this game, and I’ve been playing for almost 2 years now.
Keep up the great work guys!


Thanks Schtemty. We are enjoying you and Pounce Global’s partnership with ARK.

And Breaking bad, although we haven’t got to benefit from this particular sanctuary yet :wink:

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