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Strategies For Ceramagnus?

We can start planning our strategies for tomorrow’s first ceramagnus raid due to a game-press data mine that extracted all the data needed to beat ceramagnus. Need a recap? Here it is:

If you have any ideas please share them here :smiley:


Wow it’s resistances and minions’ team effects will make it a tough cookie. Also if it does rampage twice in one round… we’ll need Apatosaurus to take the hit :joy:


Wait I thought it launched on the 26th?


can you use a level 10 apatosaurus?

yea it does

:rofl: ummmmm…

I guess all delete this post…

No no, we need a magnus strat thread


Ok, I have un-flagged the post, we can begin sharing strategy’s.

I got the dinos, have no clue about the stats, maybe an erlidominus instead of tenrex

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ah yes my favorite number “no clue”


Tuora is definitely a must have to match the Group Acceleration, so you have to have it.

Maybe another Tuora for the Group Superiority.

Something with a buff move, like Tryo.

And then something with big damage. Something like Tenrex, Thor or Maxima.

tuo , dio , tenonto (or perhaps tryo) and gemini(or maxima) (group invincibility from gemini to absorb the boss attacks when shields of dio are on cooldown are better than maxima because of the randam damage move from raid boss), note that dio (and tenonto) need to have over 114 speed so that:

  1. dio can deploy group shield before the group acceleration of the raid boss (group acceleration from the raid boss is also a priority move don’t forget that!): group acceleration hits the fastest dino so it will target tuo if dio is slower than the raid boss, but if dio is faster than the priority shields + taunt means the raid boss will target dio instead and because of the shield + armor from dio it will do less damage

  2. instant charge will hit highest damaging dino = tenonto , so when gemini or dio are not taunting tenonto can at least attack even when hit because he should be faster than the raid boss ; if tenonto is faster than it should cancel the stun even when hit by instant charge and getting stunned at that moment ; if tenonto is slower and gets hit with instant charge he will remain stunned , so that’s why his base speed needs to be higher than the raid boss

  3. group acceleration from tuo targets fastest dino which will be koolacuchus DO NOT FORGET that! so tuo will get hit by greater rending counter no matter what (33% of its health as damage) which also will destroy any shield protecting tuo

so considering point 1, 2 and 3 from above and the order of the moves from all dino’s (if the info from gamepress is correct) this is what is going to happen:

tuo does group acceleration and gets hit by greater rending counter from koola
dio goes for group taunting shields
ceramagnus goes for group acceleration and targets dio because of dio’s taunt
koola targets dio again because of dio’s taunt and gets hit by dio’s counter attack :very important! because this means koola at this point got hit by tuo (1800 damage?) and dio (1400 damage?) already!
tenonto distracts ceramagnus OR better is to use resilient strike as this will target miragaia so gemini does not need to do 4252 damage to take out miragaia (or if tryo is used: tryo does ready to crush)
gemini decelerating rampage, note that it needs to do at least 4254 damage total to take out both minions so that is a problem unless tenonto does a basic attack to damage miragaia already OR if tryo is used instead of tenonto

I did not do the calculations what would happen after that but imo this strategy might work, if someone could do the damage calculations and also verify the move order??


Borrowed these from Mayhem’s Discord server.

Regardless of what happens, one of the dinosaurs is going to be eating quite a lot of damage on Turn 1, so ideally, everyone should have upwards of 5,000 health. But, as long as Geminititan or Diorajasaur keeps up the Group Shield to lessen the blow of the Rampage (which WILL ignore the Taunt).

They’re still a work in progress, but it’s the best I’ve seen so far.

Edit: The idea for the two Touras is because since Cera will also go for Group Accel, having two Touras both go for Group Accel will ensure that both minions go down before they can get a hit off, although if Cera ends up hitting one of them, they’re going to be eating quite a bit of damage from Koola’s counter-attack.

Hell, ideally, the Tryo should have the least amount of health, so that Cera will be targeting it and not the Touras


Here’s what I came up with. Sorry about the text in the margins being a mess for the first one (there’s a minor error or two), but I suppose it can always be redone if it ever ends up being used.

And yes, I did run the calculations.


How are Ino/thyla supposed to take the rampage in R1T2 in the first strat? It will be hitting for 3759 with only one distraction applied

I thought the same to be honest, the first way will be the death of Ino or Thyla on turn 2.

Wait… how is it physically possible to do a ceramagnus raid in 3 turns! That’s impressive for whoever came up with this strategy.

Ceramagnus has no Distraction resistance, and 50% crit reduction is basically the same as 0% crit reduction, so it’ll deal exactly 2506 damage.


Captura You sure? lmao