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Strategies For Ceramagnus?

heres one we did earlier needs a little work and the strat redone

hadro is very boosted and so i s cera but it could be done with lower level;


tada someone scrped up this strat so we tried it and worlks really well just note you DO NEED a big gemi to deal with the minions.

Could you tell me more about this non-alliance-specific raiding server? That sounds like exactly what I need. Where do you join those? Thank you!

Pretty sure there’s more too

a couple more mamo runs with smaller dinos (except gemi of course and my lvl 30 mammao)

it is really a good carry strategy


a few more riads from today

i didnt record it but we did a mamo with a lvl 15 irri and a bog stock lvl 21 tento and won

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well here is a new one gorgo vs cera messy and needed to adapt cause we were too strong but worked :stuck_out_tongue:

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should irritator go for nullifying impact on turn 1 or 2 to nullify the attack buff?

Irritator does not have null impact

A good strategy is the geminititan, ardentismaxima, tryostronix and tuoramoloch

You only need a lvl 22 geminititan, maybe even 21

I meant suchitator

Something that worked out good for me was max, gemini, pokatan, and irri

I never use that strat, the gemini one allows two group attacks to one shot the minions, invincibility on the rampages, and instant invincibility for the stun pierce and impact