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Strategies For Ceramagnus?

Awesome :smiley:

Stat boosts

even with stat boosts at lv 30, toodon cant reach those stats.

Lvl 30 troodon with 20 hp boosts doesn’t even reach 5500 hp. Erlidom would need 20hp boosts to hit 6k. So even if it worked (which it won’t), it’s completely unrealistic to ask for 20 hp boosts erlidom, and even more to ask for a maxed out troodon lol

did u read this part?

or this?

erlidominus has distract

Well you wanted feedback didn’t you? I gave it to you. What’s the point on the original post if you don’t want to hear what’s wrong with it?. And yes, edom has distraction, but on turn 3 when someone will have died already. Distarcting impact has 2 turns of cooldown btw

yea im deleting it bc i dont want people to try it

forgot to add the others but you probably know them anyways

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I was just joking! I don’t think it’s actually possible to beat a ceramagnus in 3 turns.

i knew that, i forgot to add the other moves, i said you prob already know them based on the dinos.

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It’s nice method using Tuola and Indom2. But I hear Ceramagnus has 80% bleeding resistance. If so, can we finish 1 round at 4T?

Yeah, I accounted for 80% rend resistance.

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Thanks Qaw.

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Here’s a better version of the strat I posted previously.


Lot of people gave mortem rex now, with a tryo boost would kill off both minions?

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Is there a formula or other relation calculating sucho and gems damage? Gem isn’t super common, so a lot of players might not have it high enough, while sucho is easy to get and level

Suchotator’s damage= S
Gemini’s damage= G
Tuoramoloch’s damage= T

(S* 1.5)+(G* 3) should be at least 6771
But G* 3 should also be at least 4254
And (T* 1.5)+(G* 3) should also be at least 6771

That’s just to take out the minions, together they also need to deal enough damage to end each round. In this version of the strat I increased the damage margin at the end of each round, but I’m not sure exactly by how much, I’d have to come up with a separate formula for that using each creature’s attack damage, and think I’ll wait till the boss is released before doing anything like that.

Wait, MF isn’t a priority move tho, so Tuo wouldn’t get the attack boost

That’s for rounds 2 and 3