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Strategies For Ceramagnus?

Oh because sucho won’t be targeting that turn

Here round 1 and minions information


why does it have RPR twice?


Idk but it kinda hard

We should all be afraid. Very, very afraid.

Anyway, Koola has no counter, it has way more HP than expected and Cera has more damage than expected. Oof.


So I guess Magnus is off limits for most of us then, oof


If the other rounds are the same as the datamine, my strat will still work, but the requirements will be steeper, so yeah.

All those level 30 Suchotators that people have will be really important here. There goes my coin.

Well I was thinking 2 Gems, Tuo, Irritator, only problem would be SPI R2

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Random piercing rampage
Ignored taunt

Gem doesn’t have taunt. it does have a group invincibility tho.

Also how in the world is Tuo supposed to heal? I’m thinking GA, LGH, GEH, GA for R1 but I’m lost after that

I was thinking using GI to tank that, use other one for rampage, and then have one tank the IC

um my gemeni has 6,000 hp but only like 1,000 attack. would that work in this raid or no, prob not tho, right

I say for someone will use taunt to change target from random piercing rampage

We can’t taunt random attacks, thats why I’m thinking use Gem


I think this could work, not sure tho

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I my! If I ever had dreams of beating ceramagnus well they were squashed just now :sob: although I do know a couple of people that could probably figure out some way to let me use really low level creatures :smile:

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magnus will die if hit with a rampage and stun

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Not for the strat I posted

oh, ok. i thought so. i gues i need to get some diplodocus dna, wasted it all getting it to 20