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Hey guys I don’t know if this already exists here but I would like to have a thread for discussing and craeting strategies for the bosses in JWA. They don’t have to be the fastest strats or the most efficient of course. Anything is welcome I love my unusual strats ;). We can discuss it here or DM me on discord if you want: Jurricane #9538

I’ll start us off with my latest strategy: I have been making some Parasauthops carries lately and this is my latest one that simultaneously carries a ankyntro and tuoramoloch through Ref

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If anyone has anything they are working on, stuck with or have an idea for please let me know I love this kind of stuff :slight_smile:


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Did you say 6 TURNS?? Jokes aside, irri and tuora will die in this strat

XD There are only so many ways to get a fast strat but when you take longer you can make some more fun and weird strats. That’s what I do anyway

This is the only raid strat I ever created, it’s a simple one. Unless the Baja strat has changed since it was first added, this should be the quickest solo Baja strategy possible. However, the strategy may fail if you or the Baja get critical hits at specific points in the battle, but that shouldn’t be too big an issue with both creatures having a 5% crit chance


Nice I am currently working on another weird one :sweat_smile: Stygi and Tryo VS Cera

Once the raid simulator comes out on the JWA toolbox, I wanna see how many raids are possible with only commons.


Do you mind if I take a picture of the Baja raid?

Not at all, use it if you want.

the suchos at R2T1 that use nullify have to be faster than the others

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Just made and tested a 9 turn lvl 15 irri double carry will post the strat when I get home so I can add some notes

There it is

New Boa strat I made, has been working pretty well. A 21 para can be used if skoona is faster than para otherwise a 22 should work. A slightly smaller thor works with a bigger skoona as well.

new parasauthops strat made on request from someone on discord. With bigger gems and indots gem might have to go strike t1. Round 1 is better to take 3 turns or tuora will likely die r2t1

Sorry that I haven’t been posting my latest strats here for a bit (I was on holiday) but I can make up lost time with strats using the new apex bear that I have made and tested! I will post them later today :slight_smile:
So far I have a working hadros mortem cera and boa strat using the bear but I have an idea for a ref strat that I will test later today