Strategy for epic/rare Spawns


Hey guys,

Not sure how we can do this, but I am struggling to find epics… Especially t rex etc. I have seen abd noted where I have found epics but when I go back they are not there.

I also know spawn stops or points and I find my rares regularly, but no epics?

If you need help findibg dinos and live in or around London. I can gelp you with some locations.


I think it’s just RNG and you’ve been unlucky.

For instance, the same spawn point will 90 times out of 100 spawn a common dinosaur, but 10% of the spawns at the same point might be a rare and 1% of them Epics.

I don’t actually know the percentages but read an analysis somewhere suggesting those values.

Basically, I think epics can spawn at any spawn point and you just need to hope RNG is on your side and you spot one of them.


I agree. After playing this game for over a month I only encountered not even 10 epics.
Probably 100 rares
And over a thousand commons
In wild that is. I don’t count the events

So I think Bluesfan’s percentages are correct
Probably something like this
87% commons
11% rares
1.5% epics
0.1% legendary
…or something like this


Maybe we should write a list of were we seen any? Or logic would be a location with lots of supply drops?


epics tend to spawn in neighborhoods more frequently than busy city areas from my experience. i usually see a rex or two every day in my neighborhood. just log in every half hour or so while doing other things and just look.