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Strategy for the boosts


Anyone good recommendation / strategy for deploying boosts to which dinos? Level 22-27.


@MNBrian did an amazing job with two articles at metahub, go check them out.


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Thanks mate :pray:

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Although this I quite don’t understand, maybe it’s my bad English
“So while at first it may seem obvious to boost the speed of your Spinotah, Erlidom, Diloraich, if you have all three of them on your team and someone else only has two? Well… their two 129 tier dinos will probably be faster than your three. Perpetually. Until you reach cap.”
Could you explain it to me like I’m a 5 yo? Thanks @MNBrian


Haha sure!

I’m saying - let’s say you get 28 stat boosts for speed in a week. With those 28 boosts, you can get your three fastest dinosaurs to Stat boost level 2, and one to stat boost level 3. Let’s assume by comparison, I only have 2 dinosaurs that are fast on my team (at 129 speed). Those same two dinosaurs with 28 boosts means i can get both to stat boost level 3. Which means both of them are faster than 2 dinos on your team (and probably the whole rest of your team) and tied with only one dino on your team.

If stat boosts are limited (which they seem to be) that means having 3 speedsters on your team and keeping them fast? That costs more than the guy with 2 speedsters on his team who is keeping just 2 fast.

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Ooh I see, you’re talking about the boosts distribution for the whole speedsters. Yeah, it makes sense, and also just boosting one of them makes your whole team unbalanced and at the risk of being matches with higher teams.
We sure have some difficult decision to make in the future.
Thanks again! And keep it up, metahub is great!


TY!! Will do!!! :smiley:


So it makes sense to boost utarinex speed because her speed is the biggest disadvantage?