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Strategy for this crazy weekend

Hey guys! I was wondering if you will like to share or post your strategies you will take to this busy weekend in order to other members use this info in this awesome and busy weekend.

We have:

  1. 2 legendary packs on regular events
  2. Fight for fusion with sdna
  3. Awesome gyrosphere with an Indonominus
  4. Boss battle
  5. Gryposuchus tournament

So as you see, a lot of events with nice rewards of DNA, indonominus and new dino.

My approach will be tomorrow doing most of boss battles, regular events and waiting to analize the best strategy for gyro, on Saturday taking on Gyro, and start the tournament, maybe starting by Saturday might help to earn nice trophy count in lower leagues and with my current lineup two days would be enough. Main goal is going for many indos as I can.

Thoughts? How will you approach it?

Hmm… I’m thinking skip the gyro since i have I Rex unlocked. Do tournament and boss battle at the same time, but use lower dinos on boss battle to take care of all the non-damage missions. Make sure to save boss missions to get the sdna each day.
Hit 2000 as soon as possible in tournament, then use amphibians on boss to take care of damage missions.


Good one, I do also have indonominus but if they come cheap it would be a nice source of dna. Thanks for sharing!

1000 DB is cheap? And it’s not guaranteed, you still have to win. This is a great opportunity for you clear market guys, but for those of us who aren’t, DBs are too valuable a resource.

I’m gonna do a morning tournament run first thing tomorrow until I hit my Predator brick wall. That wall is probably gonna stay there for a good 4 hours or so, so in that time my lineup comes back off cooldown and I can throw them at regular events and boss fights. I don’t know exactly when I’ll do my Gyro runs. Definitely will wait until people have posted vids and/or details before going for it.


Exactly, using 1,000 db on a chance of winning a dino that I’m currently not working on seems pointless, especially as I have a nice healthy reserve of dna.

Most of my efforts are gonna go in to the tournament this weekend ngl, I’ve got a busy weekend and I dont want to miss out on a new creature, especially one that’s an amphibian.

The boss I will tackle but mainly just do the damage missions towards the end, and also fight for fusion I never skip either.

If I’ve got time left over to complete the other PvE then great but I’m doing the most important ones first.


I think if it is 1000DB for one Indo it’s cheap, it’s 25k dino, and 1000DB equals just one day or maximum of two of TH. What would other better use 1,000 DB have? :thinking:


Yes also nice strategy, me for sure will wait till some guys share their secrets on gyro before spending a dime :joy::joy:

Also to note I can make more than enough to get a copy of indominus from the dna I net from a tournament run, 1000 db is quite a lot and maybe I can make that back from PvP or AF but it’s not guaranteed like dna is

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1,000 DB is 2-3 hatchery speed ups for my backlog of regular legendaries during the VIP discount…

I might try the gyro once simply because I’ve never actually done a gyro :slight_smile:

Try this…


Well is just matter of preferences and gameplay, I would rather like two or three extra indonominus than speeding a hatching. Even if I have enough dna for buying 20 of them, 14,700 dna or more for 1,000 bucks seems a legit deal for future progress.


This is how I think players that only save DB looks like in my mind :joy::joy:

And this is how they look at me by doing modded pvp and how I will look in gyro event :joy::joy:


I spend all my time saving up resources, but I’m about to throw all my DB into this Gyrosphere. So which type of player am I? lol


You are the smart one, I also don’t waste a lot of them, but still I’m willing to spend 7,000 DB on this

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I mean I feel obliged to because Indo-Rex would literally come in and be the best dino in my lineup at like level 3. I’m willing to take slight risks for that reward.

It’s 1000DB “for a chance” at an I rex, the DNA is guaranteed. Honestly I think it takes me about the same amount of time to save 1000DB as it does to save about 20K DNA especially with the boss and tournament this weekend. So for me, I would take the guaranteed I rex, to each is own though.

Really? Taking 1,000 DB just takes a day of going in and out of TH, while 20,000 dna in a tournament it’s like 60 battles, and in boss battles it’s doing all of the missions. And in regular time 20,000 takes 2-3 days. I will do it only if it’s really 1k DB and proves to be a secure win

A day for you maybe, but I don’t get DB trades all the time. They come some days and some days they don’t. I have a ton of dinos and a ton of mods in my market. I keep my decorations down to AFs or high value VIPs. If you’re a clear market guy, I’m sure you make DBs much quicker.

Yes, I feel like I make 20K pretty quickly. I just looked at some screenshots and a week ago today I had 610K DNA, yesterday I had 688K, so that’s 78K in 6 days (comes out to 13K a day average).

I think the IRex to DNA strategy seems to ignore the fact you still need to hatch it. So for those that don’t have a clear market, thats a slot (or potentially all your slots) taken up for a week that they could use for something else. For me, this delays everything else I’m currently working on. ie. hybrids. So if I decide this is purely to make DNA and speed hatch everything to do multiple IRex to DNA then suddenly it’s 2600DB for 20K DNA which is less appealing.

If, and thats a big IF, that 1000DB guarantees a win in Gyro it becomes a little more appealing…but as above everyone has different goals :slight_smile:

We shall find out soon enough