Strategy: Level 10+

Ok I’ve pretty much ground to a progression halt as my characters have mostly reached level 10 now.

For those that have levels 11 onwards, what became your farming/levelling strategy? Challenges just hoping for Epics? Or maybe still trying to level up via rare and common items?

I can get to the second dice on Hidden Forge, but yet haven’t unlocked Harvestshield yet.

Hidden forge until you can threedice Harvestshield in a regular basis

^ This, also I’m keeping my characters at lvl 12 just to keep the enemies level at a manageable level. Purposely not upgrading them to 13 :slight_smile: just farm epics till you can move forward. My usual farm is killing the dragon over and over

Thx. Sounds like Epic farming is the main way. I really need the Cleric’s pendant for Regeneration, but it never comes up in the shop or my Challenges. Basically every turn I have to have him healing, that’s really limiting as the runs get harder.

My Challenges don’t seem to get much variety every 48hr reset either.