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Not sure if boosts will stay or go and really don’t want to open that can of worms in this thread. I know my whole strategy, anticipation of their next move and predictions of how it may end have changed dramatically.

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I was hoping to get some input on what changes others have made in their game play. I have actually started with Tenonto now that it is fast enough to get distract in first. I’ve also noticed that when the rat is brought in prior to the 3rd kill it is nearly impossible to save it. Dinos that were impractical to start with before aren’t anymore because of speed. When an extremely over powered Thor is drawn many are starting with it hoping to sweep, but that doesn’t always work so well.

This is about the only “strategy” left.


I have changed nothing yet.
Same game play and boosting across the board to T5/T6 focusing on strengths as priority
(Fast dinos get speed first, chompers damage first, high health gets health first)
Dracocera gets no speed.

Long term?
Not sure yet.
I may bank boosts after T6 for future relevant dinos.

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If only boosts were reversible. I thought about where to put them, even went as far as a spreadsheet lol. I should have used a strategy like that when applying them.

I took a more simplistic approach.
The way I approached it was unlike levels which are coin/DNA dependent, everyone has access to the exact same amount of boosts (Outside exploits/Ludia goofs)
Strike events and dailys.
If people put all their eggs in one basket, they are in serious trouble if that basket doesn’t get selected. And if it does get selected, and the opponent looks at it stats, does quick off the fly math in their head and realizes that’s where all the boosts are at, odds are they will do everything in their power to assassinate it even if it means making unusual sacrifices to finish off the rest of your unboosted team.
People that balance them? it changes absolutely nothing.
At the end of the day when all the free boosts are given out, those that pay for the store ones will have an advantage over those that don’t.
It’s a gimmick to simply sustain your team.
It really shouldn’t change your strategy overly much,

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I always started with Dilor, magna or rinex for the most part. Now that Tenonto is at 127 I have had some good luck starting with it and saving the faster ones for 2nd and sometimes last as a surprise.

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Magna is a really good choice. :slight_smile:
Before the boost reset I poured a lot in to that dude and it became a Dracocera magnet.
(That was when I realized I should balance them out. LOL)

It has been nearly impossible to stay positive lately and am trying to change my perspective of things no matter which way they go.

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A productive thread is a breath of fresh air :slightly_smiling_face:

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