Strats that are kinda OP i guess LOL

Here are the top 3 strategies I have picked up and used for about 2 years:
I have picked up from my experience for over 2 years:

  1. ‘Don’t mess with Mother Miasaura’
    This is a tough one, but it’s true. Miasaura is actually one of the best dinosaurs against Apex, Unique or Legendary. Why? Look at the abilities. Priority rampage. At level 30, oh my. Pick a fight, and you’ll be crushed!
  2. ‘Unleash the Dio!’
    Believe it or not, Dios are painstaking to take down. Dios have an incredibly high counter-attack damage, so beware of them. Put one on your team and make sure you get it in in the right time. Probably it would be best if the dinosaur is low-healthed and is on lockdown, you probably could take it out in one or two hits.
  3. ‘Albertosaurus, I really don’t know.’
    Albertosaurus is a good dino if you’re in the top tiers. Why? Alberto has the ability called ‘Killer Instinct’. It’s a really good ability and it puts everything in place. It can take out Morty, T-rex, and some other ‘better’ dinosaurs.

I hope you like it!


Alberto is good but the move is called “killer instinct”


I fixed it before you said that LOL

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No big deal against creatures with armor, instant shields or instant distraction.

  1. Who on Earth is going to level up Maiasaura, with it’s bad kit, meh stats, lack of resistances, and complete weakness to anything with dodge and armor over Phorurex? 2. Maiasaura is trashed attempting to fight literally anything in the big leagues.

Here’s my answer to this:

Albertosaurus is a Rare, attempting to go against the best dinos in the game. The majority of which are Cunnings, or part Cunning. Alberto would just get trashed.


Missing one of the most importants there.


I’d say Alberto is only good for low level players not high

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3160 damage isn’t that high, plus it can be blocked by literally anything and only deals 2x damage


my iPad battery is about to run out

Did this for shenanigans :joy:


Just tested all Apex against Maia, only Ref struggled, the other ones mauled it and H. Lux basically takes no damage, and this is all unboosted base 26, in a boosted environment there would be no chance if there ever was.


Bruh a level 30 Maiasaura gets clapped by a base level Indoraptor


Adding on to Albertosaurus coumters:

Thor does not work as it is slower

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I have beaten allosinos with my Alberto tho it’s right now lvl 16 and has 1 attack boost and 1 speed boost

Any dino can be good in raids, it just matters the friends you have to help you beat them!

Here’s a couple of some really awesome apex ones I’ve participated in if you’re curious.


I think he meant strats for pvp

I wouldn’t say maia has a bad kit but yea why would you ever use maia over phorurex, maia isn’t even that good for an epic


Oop, well- still kinda the same for PvP. Any creature can be good if you know how to use it.

Not really, I guess you can say that for the better half of epics and rares but even then they stand no chance above aviary

Nope, I’ve been running a joke epic/rare team in library for the last week. Tbf, it has dropped me down by 100 trophy but I can still handle staying in library with it.