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Strengths and Weaknesses of Geminititian?

Ive finally began to fuse this hybrid and was thinking of giving it a team slot. Since so few have this thing, it isnt seen very much. Other than availability issues, what is this tyrant’s strengths and weaknesses, for the ones who do have it? Is it worth giving a team slot to?

Useful as sauropods go and probably worthy of its tyrant status - this one is boosted 4/4/4 and isn’t out of place in my B Team despite being a few levels lower. 50% shield for 4 turns is very useful if you aren’t up against a shield breaker.


It’s only real weaknesses are rend and bleed. It out tanks and out muscles nearly everything else


Geminititan is great against creatures with self increase effects due to nullifying strike, it’s great againts fast creatures due to id and decel rampage, and it can’t put up a shield againts creatures without defense shattering, rending or nullifying abilities, it does struggle againts things that have rending and bleeding abilities

How does it fare in comparison to and against the other tyrants?