Strict meta


Honestly, 80% of dinosaurs can’t even be considered for any team. It’s kind of sad.

Half the dinosaurs are low health, low damage, and have no interesting or useful abilities. Styg gen 2, for example (which Ludia has clearly put an emphasis on styg gen 2 DNA since that’s almost literally the only thing you get in incubators anymore).

The meta is so raptor and counter raptor centric. Every battle goes pretty much the same way. Every team is mostly raptors, Rex/i-rex, and tanks/raptor counters, with the occasional utility dinosaur (ouranosaurus). Battles only vary by first dinosaurs put out and by who has the stronger raptor.

Would definitely like Ludia to make some changes to most of these completely useless dinosaurs. It’s boring always seeing stego, stegocero, ankylo, raptors, einiasuchus, Rex… Ludia needs to make more dinosaurs viable or at least even near meta-strength.

There’s essentially 3 tiers of dinosaurs
Tier 1 – about 10-15 dinosaurs that literally everyone uses
Tier 2 – maybe 10 off-meta dinos that are okay at best, and rarely seen in battles
Tier 3 – the rest of the dinosaurs. Completely useless trash cans, with no survivability, damage, or utility (why even put these in the game if they are completely useless to everyone who is higher than a level 1 player)

Tier 1 should be much more open. And it could easily be more open by giving most of the dinosaurs some buffs and actual abilities.

PS. Don’t come in here flaming like a little keyboard warrior. We’re here to talk about the meta and hopefully get Ludia’s attention.


Good tier list here by the way:


How about letting player use <=lv6 dinos to battle in arena 2, and <=lv11dinos to return arena 5?
Basically having three teams for three arena.


Nice. But disregarding the super hybrids, the meta is shallow.


I agree that teams aren’t very custom because the meta, like I love spino as a Dino but had to trade him out, oh well. But as buffs and debuffs should occur and Dino’s are added the meta will change. They’ll realize so many are underused and maybe fix them. Also realize a lot of underused ones that you constantly see are common, and will pretty much be instantly traded out for higher tier, as more higher tier dinosaurs are added the fighting will be more diversified. Hybrids in the game make collecting commons still viable as well