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Strike challanges not showing up on friday or saturday

Two of the strike challanges failed to show up on the map, yesterdays all epic master one and todays all blue one.

Whats happening?

Is this the same for everyone? Looking at the events these were due to show up but havnt for me.

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The epic was there yesterday but it was hard to find.

I did the epic y/day. Done all but the all blue one today as its somewhat out of range, yet to decide if I’m heading out into the cold to do the 3 battles it needs.

I did the epic yesterday with all crocs. Today the blue tower is at my house.

All of the strike towers appeared yesterday and today. You probably were unlucky. I have the blue tower out of range and the rest in range.

Today’s Rare Strike Tower, out of range.

Yesterday’s Grypo Tower

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I restarted it and the rare one did show so ive done it. But yesterday I traveled on a train and didnt see the epic one anywhere. Must of been increadibly rare and unlucky.