Strike event bug - opponent never attacked

I just lost to a Delta vs my Deus bc it timed out and never attacked … very lame kinda feel like it just ripped me off $2 since it’s 200 for a retry

Just to be specific Delta did not attack after using strike and run with no other dinos to switch to. I used sup attack and waited for the timer to go down. Hit with my attack and second time through Delta still didn’t choose attack and I picked sup attack to finish her. After timer expired the second time it just said defeat…

So the loss was refunded after I posted this. I’m thankful <3

I’m glad to hear that your issue was fixed @ShadeRevenant83! We had some reports before that certain abilities could cause dinos from the Strike tower to get “stuck,” and our team is still investigating. If you have any more information on what happened during your match, contact our team here at to assist them in their investigation. Thanks!

The same thing happened to me. Working on the last battle and switched pyrritator with tragodistis. The bug seemed to be after using invincibility, opponent never attacks. Tried three times, each time with the same result.