Strike event calendar

Really cool to have the full calendar for the week!


:heart_eyes: 20202020

Oh, this looks cool.

And I think this is partly the reason for the kind of special event we are seeing this week. Could you imagine if we had another of the previous weeks events? I’d have to quit my job just to have time, lol!


I wonder what the top prizes in bottom right are?

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I hope they keep this up. I really like knowing this info ahead of time. Now I can plan!!

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Did you see the theme? Maybe that means DNA for them as well! I’m so excited! I need more Alanq!

This loooks soooo coool!!!

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They must have listened to me😂

The aromas can accumulate? Or can they be lost?

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You have a limited amount per type you can have

Ok. I expect for the epic halloween strike to be indominus rex + tyranosaurus, level 30.

And I can do that, provided I up my suchotator to level 20 and tyranosaurus does not hit critical hit.

So, tomorrow I hunt for suchomimus.

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I think bleeders are going to become much more sort after, after yesterday’s success with the strike tower from low level teams.

Epic incubator / scent of fear / epic scent!!!

Yup. Although, I think they are trending already.
I’ve been using my suchotator for a month now and only here and then would I encounter one in arena.
But last week, I fought one in about 25 % of matches.

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I :heart::heart: my suchotator

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See my latest post about superiority strike

Can’t wait to see what’s in Halloween themed incubator / scent !

Well this is a good step in the right direction, hopefully this is not just for halloween and will be done every week.

They could have come up with clearly different colours for Experienced and Advanced, I mean you can’t tell me there will be no-one out there that may struggle with those two colours. I believe i’m correct that the 2 this week are Experienced and not Advanced. But come on there’s so many different colours why pick 2 very similar?

I hope the top prizes are more halloween related than pterosaur related.

But where do indominus and indoraptor fit into all this?

Probably Master, or Expert at least.