Strike Event Disappeared


So this morning i opened the app and there was a strike event right down my road so i walked over there i picked ny team and clicked battle and then it zoomed out back to the map and did nothing so i tried it two more times with the same results so i restarted the app and when it launched it was gone! :sob::sob:Screenshot_20180731-085418|281x500

Is this a mistake?

I experienced the same. It vanished as if it never existed.


Same saw 2 on the map, plugged phone in to charge before I went out to get them and went back on game to find they ha e vanished! Very annoying


Same here had 4 in walking distance. Got ready to go out and all are gone.


Both of the ones I saw this Morning as gone ass well. I restarted the app a couple of times thinking it was just that. But alas


Hey if it makes u guys feel any better my strikes just showed up today well i went to go do them and they were gone. Im talking they were there for only a couple minutes. Please fix this


Same here, mine were there this morning, now there is none! Hope they fix this soon :pensive:


I heard they were pulled because whenever people used them their trophies reset.


I think they took them away for now because they gave many players a bug that would reset their throphies to 3000… some people lost over 1500 throphies :frowning:


Yes it happened to me! Started the Strike Event with over 3800 trophies completed it and now I’m down to 3000!


The trophies thing was explained as being part of switching to seasonal standings as opposed to all time. At the beginning of every season your trophies gets reset to 3000 if you were above.

I’m guessing there was some other major bug in the event roll out since everyone saw the things disappear.


Lugia plz suply´s events disspair? 20 minuts after introduting? what you doing in game? bro i frustration.


The rest number was 3500 not 3000


My bad it probably does have to do with the trophies thing. Trophies was only supposed to be set to 3500


What the he!! It was the same for my boyfriend and my self. Very upset! PL bring it back


Same here. I think they may move around like the dinos do. I thought I read something like that.


Hey everyone, thanks for reporting this. There was a slight issue with the Strike event, but our team is looking into it.


My husband is having the same problem. We went out and I could see them but his map didn’t have them. Even though this morning they were showing up for him. I had already won my three events prior so he’s a bit mad at me :innocent:. He tried reinstalling the app but that didn’t fix it.


Yeah, walked to one and chose my team and then it just zoomed back out. Glad to hear it’s being sorted though. Looks fun!


Sure it will be up and running again soon after the bugs are fixed with the trophy ranks scores. My question to those that got resetted to 3500 or below, did you get the one time offer?