Strike event for the week

Two epic strikes along with two treasure chests? What a nice week :smiley:

Thanks Ludia for giving us planning ahead :+1:


Note: Scent top prizes are Best Odds

They posted with the strike events schedule ,what are they referring to?

Just because it shows an Epic scent you are not guaranteed one - it is the prize with the best chance/RNG


Nice week; only one with more than 5 attempts and an Advanced Epic - I like them :slight_smile: And a master one to be butt kicked.

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Not sure. My odds seem to be always large common scent.

Mine too! Think I have had one rare and one epic but mainly large common


Any leaked info about Boss Epic Strike Event and Sunday Epic Strike? Like it was for Raja and Cunning Creatures

wonder if we can just bleed this boss with suchomimus too :thinking:

Someone, in the Raja event’s thread, was talking about Monolometrodon as last dino unleaked yet, so maybe could be him? Maybe in combination with another dino (I don’t think Monolometrodon alone could be represent such a problem for most of player, like raja). I really would like to know where find this “leaked news” honestly :joy:

I wonder why nobody has said anything about there being two treasure chest events this week.

It was said at the top of the topic. I put a post up saying it till I noticed there was a thread already.

Love that we get a weekly schedule now it’s good to see what’s coming


“Fierce” for reference:


possibly. it’s immune so we’d have to do something besides bleed it. 2 shattering, distract and nullify. low damage, but a level 30 one is probably pretty good

I don’t know why monolometrodon gets a bad rep, mines st level 24 and he’s always on the team.

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Mine is too :grin: silly goal maybe, but I’m gonna level him up to 30 eventually.


Whenever I encounter a monolometrodon it throws me off, because I’m not as familiar with it’s move set. I once stupidly tried going evasive and cost me the match. Then I was like “Oh yeah…”

Surprise is a great strategy :slightly_smiling_face:

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5% critical doesn’t seem accurate, it seems closer to 15% after using him awhile.