Strike event going full 280

This is getting really ridiculous guys. I have to avoid using long invincibility or the game will lock up and I have to wait the full 280 seconds. Why haven’t you all fix this yet. Total bs guys.

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Yup just as I thought ended in defeat. You all are crooks man. Trying to squeeze 200 hard cash from. What a joke. I know it will reset but I just wasted a scent capsule waiting out the time thanks a lot. SMH

Next time try fully closing the app, not just exiting it. Then open it back up right away. Not making promises, but it’s helped me both times I’ve seen it happen.

I know all the tricks it didn’t help. I would fully close it and be in the same predicament. The second go around after it timed out the first time it ended in defeat even though I was up 2 to 1

After the defeat if you close the app and open it again it reset. It was just super annoying as I had an epic incubator going at the same time.

I’m sure there is already a thread about this but it doesn’t seem like they care to fix it as the unknowing will pay the 200 hard cash to re attempt. I knew better.

With it getting quite cold out now, this bug is really infuriating. It happened twice today. What do you do for 240 seconds?

I waited around and got eaten up by mosquitos.

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I thought the Mozzies would have been all full of after feeding on me the other night while out raptor hunting lol.

Btw a little bit of trivia: Did you know that its only the female mozzies that suck your blood? They need to feed like this all the time due to the mass amount of egg laying they do and need the food!

P.S: I don’t know what the males feed on for the record!

I’m sorry this happened @Erik_Sanchez, and I know it can be really frustrating. Our team is still investigating the issue, and they’re trying to find a fix for the problem. In the meantime, if this keeps on happening, could you email our team at with your support key so they can try and assist you with this?

@Ned I can say it happens to everyone. If you use a stunning attack or a invincibility attack it happens. I’m not going to deliberately try to make it happen because it’s a huge waste of my time and half the time ends in defeat but resets after you close the app. I don’t see how having my key would help you as to me it appears to be a coding issue on your end. So for now I guess I’ll have to change my strategy to avoid using such moves which is a real big bummer. If the stun attack takes them out or doesn’t stun them it doesn’t happen. HUGE WASTE OF TIME. 1 of the many reasons I canceled my vip. Thanks for that.