Strike Event Guide for Saturday

If the leaked info is indeed correct and we are facing a level 30 Dime Gen 2 and a level 30 T-Rex Gen 2, I’ve created a guide for such a circumstance.

Take a peek! :slight_smile:


Any idea which will come out first? I want to bleed out the Rex but don’t want to get my suchotator murdered by that dimetradon


I still wonder if MN is Minnesota… mainly because that’s where I live :slightly_smiling_face:

It is. :slight_smile: You are correct! :slight_smile:

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No clue. Could be either.

Wouldn’t it be funny if you were my neighbor lol!

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Tactic prepared:

  1. Pyrritator
  2. Gorgosuchus or Stegodeus
  3. Stegodeus or Gorgosuchus
  4. Indoraptor

If he starts with Dimetrodon: I win 100% cases (not analyzed critical Dimetrodon)

If he starts with T REX and some of his first 3 hits is not critical: I win 100% cases

If he starts with T Rex, his first 3 hits are critical and the second hit of my gorgosuchus is critical: I win 100% of the cases

If he starts TREX, his first three hits are critical and the second hit of my gorgosuchus is not critical I will have to change Indoraptor and trust that invisibility evades the first time: 50%

If I lose this challenge … :slight_smile:


I’m currently thinking:

  1. L20 Pyrritator
  2. L25 Stegodeus
  3. L23 Indoraptor (annoyingly ready to level up but not enough coin)
  4. ???

Candidates are L18 Monostegotops, L19 Tryostronix, L20 I-Rex, L20 Tany and L19 Monomimus - thinking the Monomimus …

Would like to use L24 Stegoceratops but worried about the stun glitch …

Totally possible. Are you approximately 60, female, and do you like to garden a lot? :smiley:

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Lol no, but if you see a girl riding a kodiak atv around it could be me :grin:

She might have a 5 lb white chihuahua tucked in her sweatshirt, that would be the give away lol

Parka now

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I’m thinking indor and indom and hopefully be able to miss a hit or two

24 Stegodeus
20 Tyro
23 Indor
20 Indom
and a prayer


Lol. Pray is first in my case.


I don’t know why but I’m having serious brain freeze on planning out my attack on this one.

Which 4 should I use? I was thinking indominus, indoraptor, stegodeus, and suchotator.

Neither have nullify so maybe monohitormiss is an option? Such a gamble though.
This one is harder than it seems, need dinos that counter differently. The odds of using a distraction and/or shield are very limited.


HAHA! That is perfect. :slight_smile: Got it. I’ll be on the lookout. :slight_smile:

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Yep - that’s the problem - wanted to include a bleeder but that would be useless against Dimetrodon …

That 2nd trex jr hit is probably going to be the main threat? Brain freeze here too :thinking:

My plan if t-rex comes out first: bleed it and finish it off with gorgo… the rest i don’t know yet…

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Paramoloch17 allosaurio20 estegodeus17 y monomus 16 podre vencer?

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