Strike Event Idea


I know a lot of people have been complaining that the strike events are too easy (I personally like doing them even if it’s just for coins). What if there was a different version of the strike event where you have to defeat all opponents in X amount of turns. They could tie it into the movie by saying the volcano will erupt or something if you run out of turns. Just a thought - I’m enjoying the game either way!


I think that difficulty should depend on arena level. The higher you are, the more difficult the strike events are. And the more rewards you get :slight_smile:


Some take forever, basically doing the same easy match over and over.

They should make it so any time you beat a match with 1 dino, you automatically advance to the next incubator.


I like them easy! God knows I lose enough in PvP as it is so this is a refreshing and positive change of pace for me! :rofl: