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Strike event rewards at different distances


Did anybody find out if the rewards for strike towers are decreased the farther you are from the tower?

Strike point range
Strike point range

they should be the same


i did a common one from 100 mts, and the incubator didnt give that much, but maybe thats because it was a common tower

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i think we need some clarification on this one @Ned @Sara @J.C

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They remain the same- just did a rare one.


I did a strike tower at 190 meters and got what the reward said I would. I checked before trying it. It looks like it is just the drops that have the decrease and a big one at that.

Our 3 account are VIP and I noticed a huge drop in the amount of coins and darts now. I guess a combo of 1.6 and did the winter rewards thing end at the drops? I typically get 24 darts and 250 coins now from the drops when close to it. Before I could get over 900 coins. From a distance I am getting 4 or 7 darts and around 36 coins I think. @ned @J.C

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Yeah they did say they were changing the drops a lot. I’m getting like 30-60 coins from far away ones


I have two near me at work. On 1.5 the close one was still out of reach, and the other is just within 150m. Both have been giving equal reward ranges all day. (double digit coins, single digit darts)

[I am only referring to the amount received from the supply drops, not strike towers]


If i do a strike point from a distance will i get the same rewards as if i was standing next to it?


Yes you will


Yes, I’ve tried and it works


Seems to only be 2 ranges of rewards from stops. Either in reach or not in reach within 150m


Me at a range strike give the same amount
But supply give less than ussual


I think vip members are receiving the same amount of rewards as the rest, along with the stop that long distances. When does turning a stop no longer appear? VIP in none of it. This should be solved, for something we are paying the VIP.