Strike event rewards based on team level?


Does anyone know if the DNA rewards from strike event incubators are based on the level of the team you used?

So if facing level 9 creatures and you use your level 20s/Ledges you get less than if you swap team out to lower and win using them?

Just a thought - I always go on with an unnecessarily OP team but will go in with same level as event creatures (if I can find some lol!) if it means a “harder” battle = more DNA?


I’m not entirely sure about that, but I lean more toward the answer to your question being no.

The reason I say this is because they’re trying to give everyone an equal shot at winning the DNA. It’s not so much like the arena battles, where the amount of coin you get is dependent on how long the battle was, etc…

The towers seem to be more balanced in the coinage and DNA.