Strike event schedule disappointment

Is anyone else super disappointed that they published this strike event schedule and then haven’t even been following it!?


Why you say that? They exactly follow the schedule except the first experienced strike that had only 1 fight instead of 3

Well, for Wednesday they give the impression that the scent strike will give an epic scent, which isn’t the case. I got a regular scent from it, maybe a large one, but still, just a regular. :roll_eyes: Otherwise, as far as I can tell it’s been right.

Damn true. Even there is no Rare scent awarded on the Monday’s scent strike too. Disappointed.

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The scents pictured in those strikes are the best scent you can get… not a gurantee of what you will get. Like all scent strikes if you click on the exclamation mark it will tell you the possible prizes. Mondays the best you could get was rare… todays is a possible epic.


There was an additional common strike event Monday and the battle numbers have been off

makes you wonder if the master strike event on saturday will give you one of the free incubators that you get every 6 hours instead of the epic incubator pictured :thinking:

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I agree, it’s weird that they show the incubator you are guaranteed but the scent capsul that is possible to achieve. Their chart even has a ? Scent in the key… why not just use that for unknown strike reward towers?

If you click it before you do it it will tell you the rewards.

I got an epic scent from the scent strike today. My first one. I was stoked.


My trails always gets me a Large Common scent. :cry:

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Got 2 small one for this week for now on the strikes :sweat_smile:

They are really proud of their RNGs.
The moto of this game should be :
Life is Unfair, deal with it

That is literally all I have gotten with every event up until this point so I was excited when I finally got an epic. The game was being really glitchy too, so maybe that helped?

Whatever. Get to a good spawn zone and let us know what you got with that free EPIC scent(worth 1000 cash). I am really jealous for that. smh.

Add me, we will have a FIGHT.

Sam #9607

I plan on finding my local zone 1 with hopes of attracting a Sino… :crossed_fingers:.


First time seeing one of those charts and somehow it hadn’t occurred to me that the blue/gold strike event rewards are 8hr incubators.

I hope for you that you will attract sinos. Knowing this game, it will more probably be concavonators.

I haven’t found the rare scent on Monday and haven’t seen any towers for an epic scent today either …

What the heck?

If that’s the case … then the Halloween “event” was a huge let down from the moment they announced this instead of just now when most players (myself included) discovered this.

Just unbelievably misleading