Strike Event This Weekend - Beating Velo and Ornitho

Made a guide for this one too.

If you need some ideas on how to beat them, hope this helps! Looking forward to this one! Should be at least slightly easier than the last. :slight_smile:


Does swap in invincibility still bug out the event?

Why not using thagomizer instead of superiority strike ? You can slow the raptor for more turn, use shield and maybe kill it with precise rampage no?

The swap in Inv bug is still there if I swap then use another move, like Rampage or Short defense?

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I guess the strategy here is to kill them as fast as possible!

Since Superiority Strike cleanses the pounce effect, you get more damage along with slowing the opponent. You can use thagomizer/rampage/shield you want as your next move based on your dino level.

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My strategy:

  • Turkey comes first: Stegod (21) with short defense then thago to slow down velociraptor after hit and run, then kill the raptor with ss+apr

  • Raptor comes first: Stegod (21) with SS+APR, then try to hit at least one time the turkey, then try with tragodistis or monomimus

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But if your stegodeus is low level and you use ss instead of thago velo will kill you after rampage,. If you use thago them shield then rampage you always have the speed advantage

I’d bet a small amount of money if I had some that the bird will come out first.

I definitely considered that. But because at about level 17, STegod will two shot it with Superiority Strike + APR, i figured it was a better route than Thag + short defense + something that kills it.

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Raptor lvl 30: Health=2370
Stego lvl 21: Atk=800 (so SS+APR = 2400)
Lvl 21 stegod can shot a raptor in 2 hits w/o a crit.
My stego is lvl 21 :joy: (pretty lucky I suppose)

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What about the 3 raptor challenge strike event?

SS will also cleanse the distracting so you’ll get a full hit on the Velo after they pounce. A half hit may not do it.

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At level 17 , even 18 Raptor survives after ss + rampage . At lvl 18 —> 690 + 1380 < 2369 hp of velo

At your level yes but I’m talking of lower level for stegodeus :blush:

Will work on that one too!! :slight_smile:

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yeah but then raptors next move is strike only so you get another shot at him.

im going to try to have fun with it. maybe bleedout raptor.

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Yeah but then velo will take his speed back so he is going to kill my stego before I can kill it…

oo lvl 18 deus… yeah if that pounce gets a crit then ko. strike would take you out if not.

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That’s it :sweat_smile: I’m just talking about low level dinos cause it’s my case ( no dino above 18)