Strike Event This Weekend - Beating Velo and Ornitho

Basically you can’t kill a Raptor in 2 hits, so you need SS+thago (so you will be faster for 3 turns) then short defense or APR in case you could kill him

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Agree with you , I think the same, or thago + shield + apr to finish with a bit more hp. But not enough to resist a orni strike :sweat_smile:

Not at all, for Orni you need another tank like trago, alanki ecc

For orni, i Will use monostegotop and finish with velo

Unless you’re bleeder can withstand the pounce it won’t work!

Keen to actually use ankyn for the first time ever on the 3 raptor challenge

i had a different plan. still sacrifices one bleeder but should work.

Kantrosorus lv 14 is worth ? Reduce 90% for raptor’s 2X, next turn Thagomizer 1,5X slow, reduce 90% (and next turn: superiority Strike) or swap for Alanqa lv 14, Ss and Rampage.
For Orthomimus:
Gigaspikausaur lv 16
And wuerosaurus lv 14
Good ? :confused:

I will send my nodoblablatitian to spot the enemy. I’m sure it will be able to sustain that awkward moment.