Strike event with specific rarity’s

Since strike events are now easy with boosts and do not require strategy, how about strike events were you can only use epics for example? Along same lines of the tournaments which has made things more interesting

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they should just deactivate boosts in strikes… it really turns off the you tubers when theres not much content to provide. i dont know where ludias head is but this really hurt the game and they are basically giving away free dna and coins which is counterproductive for them :joy:


I disagree, the boosts have helped a bunch in some of the more harder strike towers. But, I see your point, the boosts have made the strikes a bit easier for everyone and some might not like that. How about an option to enable/disable boosts for strike towers that way everyone’s happy?

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no. its supposed to be hard for newcombers. by the time you get to level 10 where boosts are applicable then its very easy.

its a reason to go out and level your team.

I put in zero thought for epic strikes anymore. Have one without losing any dinos some without taking damage. I preferred a bit more of a challenge but whatever the game has other issues than easy strike towers.