Strike event 😍


Not gonna complain at that! I’m sure someone will :joy:


Oh lord, now THIS is one sexy event.


Oh yes time to go out!!!

Screw those that complain! :joy:


except for me… only want baryonyx but in the end just gorgosuchus and postimetrodon. Tbh I’m very disappointed


10 battle slog but 4 incubators; some serious coinage - 16000+ in the final one (reckon 30,000 at least in total); so so DNA until the last 2 with two doses of Barronyx which gives me enough to level up to 15 and start fusing hybrids :smiley::smiley:


Started but need to complete as ran low on battery as event started just as I was finishing play, will be happy with any of the Dino mentioned as all mine need a big level up!


Here’s alll the dna I got


May I know how difficult is the event?


It’s easy, like all of them, but of course depends on your team you select. I completed it just using lvl 14 V.Raptor and lvl 13 Pyroraptor.


Atleast Im not alone with it disappointed reward😭


Guess I’m one of the lucky ones? I got 246 golden Bary dna on the last tier.


I can’t remember the first 3 incubators, but this is what I got on the final incubator.

9,316 Coins
775 Irritator Gen 2
3,268 Nundasuchus
196 Irritator
216 Kaprosuchus
140 Postimetrodon
99 Baryonyx

It helped me unlock Baryonyx and Postimetrodon.

I’m happy, it was easy and free DNA and coins. Even just sat at a bus stop whilst I did all 10 battles.


Thanks! Will try it later!


Then I fused my pyrirritaror and got 10 of course :smiley::roll_eyes:


Wow that’s great. All the things I currently need.


Wish I got irritator DNA lol got post/kapri dna


Not wishing to make you feel any worse but I used my Irritator DNA from the incubator and got a 40 fuse :smirk:

But 10 on both of my last two Dilophosaurus fuses … hybrid looking out of reach :cry:


You’re just a bunch of losers cause I got myself some pretty good Baryo dna!!!

Come on now :joy::weary:


That happened to me before!!! :joy:


The high followed immediately by the low - I feel your pain