Strike events are a joke


Maximum 1 attempt per strike event? Is this supposed to be a joke? Hunting strike events all around my city would be a legitimately fun thing, but no, you had to let us do 1 every 2 or so days.


Yeah lol. This “exciting” new feature starts off with a huge bug, then when we finally get it we get to battle some level 3s and bam event over for the day.


yeah. i was like, cool there’s 3 basically on the same block. went to try a 2nd one, max attempt. why put 3 within 100 feet of each other?

then it’s only challenging if this is your first day playing the game since the opponents are level 3… lol


Hopefully they’ll open it up and let us have multiple events per day. I was gonna go do strike events tonight instead of my normal hunting since raptors are barely out anymore.


Today is just first round (white arenas).I think the event lasts for a week with the battles getting harder as you go. If you beat the last team of Dino’s at the end of the week you win the grand prize.