Strike events gone?


Is All The strike events gone at you guys too? :confused:

How often - strike towers

The strike location in the town 3 miles from me (nearest strike I know - I live rural) had vanished this evening when I went to the town, that’s the only strike point I have near me so no idea if all vanished, but my only one has…


yeah mine have all disappeared too!


All mine are gone too.


Didn’t they have a time limit on the strike events? That’s probably why they vanished because they expired.


The Strike Events did have an expiration timer. I personally expected them to get replaced with new - more difficult Strike Event towers. Maybe they would be back in a day or two with new Strike Event.


That would be nice. I want more events! Moar!


The Strike Events did have a time limit of over 10 hours. They’re probably being reloaded as we speak.


It was a 2-day event


I always thought that this event strike was going to be a week-long event. Where every two days the Dino teams were going to get progressively stronger.


Yes all gone… the only ones I could find were white ones which could only play once but apparently there were blue and gold ones?


So they’ve disappeared… when do they come back ?
Has a schedule been released?