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Strike events limited


Why are we limited to just 1 go on any strike tower. Maybe it’s so one person can’t go and clear up all the towers in any area but at least fix it so someone else can have a go on the same event spot or limit us to more towers. Even let us have more tries but fix it so we would have to travel a certain distance to the next towers.


Nothing about your post is making sense to me…:thinking:

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I’m on about the events


We only get 1 go then any other events near by we can’t get a go on them bcoz we’ve completed the previous 1


Not sure what you are trying to say.
But if you mean we can only do a strike tower once, that’s because it is designed that way. To limit the amount of rewards/ coins you can gain.

If you are saying that if we get only 1 chance, then why the same towers are repeated across town, that is because of ease of access. You can start with any one, then continue next match somewhere else.

I agree to the idea that they should disappear like treasure chests once they are completed.


Yeah those strike towers I’m on about. There’s loads, I need rewards lol and tbh not a lot of ppl are playing the game in my area. At least limit us to about 5 thou


each day a certain strike event is available (sometimes more than one). Every player only gets to complete each strike event once. The reason there are so many of the same event dotting the landscape is so everyone can get a chance to do the event near them. each one is not individual and open for every player to do multiple times

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Players don’t share the same map in regards to stuff like this, it’s different for everyone. You are only able to fully complete it once because otherwise it would ruin the game if you could just infinitely get the final incubator.

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