Strike Events make us look like crimials, was asked to leave the area


I wish there was a way to do this without having to hang out in front of peoples houses battling dinos for 5 minutes, not complaining but it would be nice to be able to completely walk away & not need to stick around until they are all finished… It really makes us look like weirdos, I had someone come out of their house & ask me to leave lol.


I’m always expecting people to do that when I’m out hunting for the evening. Thankfully not so far.


Never happend to me :joy: But i guess increasing minimum range abit could help :wink:


The encounter

Guy “hey what are you doing over there”

Me “Just playing a game sorry” *holds up phone to show the guy

Guy “Can you go play it somewhere else?”

Me “Sure no problem sorry”


There must be some way to not make us look like were up to something, I live in a town of 1,500 people you don’t see rando dudes just hanging out in front of your house if you do something is up.


I hear you… there’s a private drive just beyond my subdivision, and there are always Rares and occasionally an Epic hanging in that private drive… but I can’t reach them from my sub-division or from the end of the driveway… soooo tempting to drive up, initiate the contact, then drive off and finish in the street… but alas, I would not feel right to do that. So I watch them with a heavy heart and see them disappear the next time I pull out my phone and the map refreshes.


Well sometimes if i am outside a House playing i just sit at The sideways cant remember The exact word :blush:


Yeah, I’m sure I’ve made a few people nervous. Stopping in front of their house 1-3 times a day for 2 minutes, then scooting off down the road. becef201d35d436e95368d0836cc4f30--gamer-meme-nerd-memes


Lol, I have a number of places like this in my area. I’m worried about the cops now, there are 4 of them here with not much to do & I know they keep seeing me ALL over town holding my phone just waiting for “woop woop”. I dress like a jogger so I think that helps me look like some dude out on a walk or run as opposed to the pedo at the park which I’m also starting to worrie about my daily park visits lol.


I live in a rural area, so sometimes I drive from subdivision to subdivision looking for dino’s and in the subdivision I pull over at the dino and stare at my phone, occasionally glancing up like I’m looking at addresses pretending I’m lost or looking for an address and my GPS took me to the wrong place… then I move on like it was the wrong address.


Yeah it’s the seeing us more than once & not just walking by but stopping lol, also love this community you guys are the best


See this is the stuff I wish they would fix with the AR stuff, we shouldn’t have to feel guilty or that we are doing something wrong. I think a cool way to do this would be to allow us to go out find the dinos & then do the drone shooting at home? Like find a way to make us keep moving & not loitering.


And wait tell Ghost Busters World comes out, my buddy & me are convinced people are going to be getting beat up because you have to shoot the ghost & it looks like your basically taking pictures of people…


Technically you can do this now. But only one dinosaur at a time so that would probably look worse. Stranger going in and out multiple times.

If you launch a drone and don’t start darting it will wait until you start an basically lock in the position.


As long as a ghost isn’t in someone’s family birthday party for little kids I think you are ok.


I really don’t see the issue. As long as you aren’t on private property. Can stand anywhere you’d like. Have some confidence.


Really? You don’t understand why it might be odd to just be hanging out in front of a private residence in the middle of no where? Multiple times? Sure there is nothing wrong with it but it don’t stop us from looking like weirdos the Pokemon Go is full of stories like this.


Why do you care if someone thinks you look like a “weirdo”? I could care less what they think.


It looks like you missed the point man, I was asked to leave what you want me to stand my ground & get the cops called on me?


side walk, street. all public property and no one (except a cop) has any right or reason to ask you to leave.