Strike events, no incubator awarded?

Ive done a few strike events, I have won, but i do not get an incubator. I have defeated the creatures, what does getting an incubator depend on?

Hey Rea_Kirk, some Strike event will require you to win a certain number of rounds before an Incubator is awarded. However, if you didn’t receive any rewards on the reward rounds or for completing the Strike tower, please contact our team here at with your support key so they can take a look at your account.

I’ve had to battle the latest strike tower 4 times and now it won’t let me press on anything

I’ve gone out of the game and back in and it just says this

I guess you didn’t get your reward either? Contact their support with explanation, this screenshot and your support key. You will get your reward. Same thing happened to me too with epic halloween strike tower.


Bonus replay value?

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Taken me a while to reply as I’ve been out, Im pretty sure I got the rewards guys as there was no way I had 300 rex dna before I done the tower haha I just didn’t get to see them

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Dont feel bad i won 4 and all 4 when i tried to open them disapeared and o reported it and told them what they asked and still nothing on top of other issues that i reported over a month ago that still havent been fixed they will tell u what u want to hear to keep ppl from posting bad things on here its what they do