Strike events overwrite green event drops


First off all i’ll love the strike events. That out of the way: there’s a problem, in my town half of the green event stops that spawn the event dinos are gone. The stops have been over written at least half of them this weekend by strike event stops. This means i have less changes to dart for kentrosaurus. Of course there’s the 6 hour cd but it’s still a lot harder to get your epic choice dino. I’ll hope you find a solution for this.


Nope there isn’t a solution, you just got to deal with it. It took me 40 mins on CAR to get all the pyroraptors in my area during the special event which is dumb. Park supply drops are rediculously designed. 90% of my team has been acquired through exercise… have over 9 legendaries…many more in the making.

I prefer minimal guaranteed attempts. Rather take 3/3 attempt pyros in one setting then travel across town to parks that don’t even have the dino i’m looking for… blue, blue, more blue… is that blue? yep

salty, and I rest my case.


I do think parks are a really nice place to do strike events.

A little redesign so park events still work and you can get at the dino’s spawning inside. Please.


There are usually 3 park event drops. Two strike events wipe out 2 of my green drops. Blerg. :confused:


The same thing happened in my parks where I live. Ludia should stop doing that or let dinosaurs spawning inside. I couldn’t get much DNA of showcased dinosaurs on Monday and Tuesday because of that change. Last weekend was the same.


Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous that this happens. I know some people are relying on collecting those daily and it makes it impossible when it’s a high number of attempts and dinos to choose from. I drove 20 miles to gather the last of the Stegoceratops I needed the other night because of this. Those 2 strike events in this pic are supposed to be special event dinos.