Strike events rebalancing

Ok ludia imma be real with you guys
The strike events make it so incredibly hard to get a decent incubator (i’m level 9) my best dino is a level 16 einasuchus HOW DO EXPECT ME TO TAKE DOWN A LEVEL 30 AMARGOCEPHALUS!? They are so heavily aimed at high level players who have indoraptors and all those unique hybrids. Maybe implement something where lower level players still get an epic incubator, but just a regular epic incubator so no hybrids in it just a regular epic incubator. Maybe having to fight level 17-20 dinos not level 30s. I hope you take this into account and implement something to make the strike events more fun for lower level players.

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Not all strike events are aimed at all players. That is why they are coded to common (easy), rare (average) and epic (hard or very hard). If you can handle a top level one then great otherwise work towards your team and do it. Most of my collection is levels 16 to 20 and mostly I can take down a L30 dinosaur all but with some trouble.


A level 9 player is not expected to be able to win against an epic strike tower. That is a reward for more advanced players. However, if you play solidly for about a month, you will find that you can beat even the Level 30 Epic strike events with boosted level 14-15 dinosaurs.

Look at the “Gameplay Videos” thread on this forum to see how others manage to drop the biggest strike towers with the smallest dinosaurs. It is a great learning tool on how to fight in the arena as well.


The rewards we get from Strike Events are scaled according to our Levels. Everyone should get same rewards if they complete the Strike Event successfully. Because of that scaling I agree with the OP.

I want them to make harder ones actually :man_shrugging:

Welcome to the club, we all been through this stage before. You need to improve your team. Difference is now there is boosts to help players beat them even quicker than before where there was no shortcuts.