Strike events should learn from high jump


Most strike events are far too easy for 95% of all players. Why dont they change it to work like a high jump competition? You could choose a level of the opposing dinos to start with. If you manage to beat them, you go on fighting the next higher level (if you prefer, you can also leave out a level and try any other higher level). If you lose 3 times to the same level, the event is over and you get an incubator. The higher the last level you managed to beat, the more coins and DNA you receive.

Since Ludia obviously wants to earn money, they could also finish it after the first failed attempt unless you buy yourself a 2nd or 3rd attempt for hard cash.

They could vary those events still with different types of dinos. Sometimes using 1, 2, 3 or even 4 dinos you needed to beat.

That way those strike towers would not feel like just killing time but offered some real competition - regardless of what level you are in. And they would still provide us with (free) coins and DNA.


Good idea, greater risk should = greater reward.