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Strike events this week jan 21-27



Nice three epics strikes


Your profile picture @ItsPeekapoo44😂 I love it


@bates5919 thanks :smiley::joy:

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so guys, prepare for the lvl 30 indoraptor+stygimoloch+blue strike event boss.


That’s not really it, right?


It got datamined as a boss strike on metahub.

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Yikes 10101010


Should be a nice challenge… between stygi and indo bleeding wont work to well. Might be the first time since Halloween there is an epic strike i cant beat

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According to this one of the master difficulty could be stygi as well


we did have stigy for christmas though because of the cute creature poll


This better give us premium incubator

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Oh god 2 master strikes
i know one of them is the indoraptor+Stygi+Blue Strike, but whats the other?


Could be the level 30 indo or rex ones


What are their levels? Possibly not all at 30?

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Well this strike was datamined as a boss strike so its possible… also possible their all like 26


L26 is going to make it much more achievable.
Really hard one to plan for with the high speed, hit and run move and cleanse abilities. We won’t be able to plan for every possibility with this one.

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True, maybe we see it again and that’s what they mean with Stygi “the revenge”? lol


Why don’t they ever use the red “Expert” icon? Clearly the 3-headed monster is going to be Master lever, but a single level 30 is then also considered to be Master level??