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Strike events... this week



I am very dissapointed the theme is immune.

The 7 battle incubator will be immune as it was this weekend. I feel it is hard enough as it is when we earn incubators and dont get anything we need and this will add to that. I hope there are various incubators. The plus side is the boss battle and coins.


boss might be lvl 30 postimetrodon.

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Before the holiday it showed a 30 Monolemetrodon and all the others have happened that were showing except him. We will find out :smiley:

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I love using bleeders against boss dinosaurs who lack immunity cause watching them bleed to death is so satisfying! :grin:


Ugh…back to only two epic strikes and again immune. Last time, I got 300+ Seco DNA.

Ludia, master of trolling! Expected a nice start in the new year, but nope Ludia‘s making it worse…


What I imagine Ludia would look like…


…while finding out how to hit the community straight in the…


possibly the worst week ever

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I really hope that this is a mistake and in reality, we‘ll get three epic strikes again or atleast another themed strikes. Can‘t stand immunity, never getting useful stuff.

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I would have preferred another various strike week.


I do hope this is another week where we have a 3rd undocumented (and much appreciated) surprise epic strike Tower

Ludia: wink wink nudge nudge


hint hint LUDIA… :rage:
boss may be lvl 30 postimetrodon or lvl 30 monolometrodon


Come on, Its not that bad…we can never have enough secodonto :joy:


He and concavenator are going to be something someday maybe hopefully, hmmm


Yeah i hope the next update brings hybrids to most of the dinos left without one

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Yeah, hope once will be useful. Last weeks epic strikes gave me lots of Concavenator DNA.


Pocemon video is how i feel about this… that weekend epic strike is the same exact one that was this weekend…

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Boss strike