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-Strike events this week-



4 epics 3 rares is awesome Ludia! Thanks so much!


This and the featured creatures should be pinned to the top of the forum every week.


Damn that’s a lot of coin from 4 epic strikes. Nice way to save up coins before 1.6 update :money_mouth_face:

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Yes guardinoni!
This should be pinned every week.


4 Epics and 3 rares? That’s over 70k coins for me, GJ ludia!
Now you only have to release the 1.6 patch notes.


That’s alot of epics and rare strike towers holy crap

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The bad thing for me is this is the literal “dead of winter” here and temperatures hovering just below and above 0 F. BUT I think this will get me out this week.

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The master level strike doesn’t have a category…
Also I dont think we’ve ever gotten an extreme level strike have we?


Looks like indominus rex will be useful this week, as well as other chompers… with the high hp and armor themes


The master level strike has no category because it’s most likely just a basic epic incubator as a prize. Whereas the others are all themed.


Yes but usually they are themed based on the creature u must defeat… aren’t they?


What creatures do u think we can expect to get in the high hp incubators?


you can get tenonto and ourano and diplodocus I think
and allo too

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Ourano! Yes lets go! i need that so bad.
Also we will probably get the sauropods


That master epic tower on Wednesday could be another level 30 trio. With 4 epic towers, I wouldn’t be surprised.


Here’s hoping for some ankylosaur dna from one of those 4 epic incubators.



10 characters

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Finally other theme strike with the armor one, dont think we already got this one, right ?


Sounds like this week going to be fun. Lots of coins and epic DNA :slight_smile:

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