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Strike Events w/ speed modded dinos

Are a joke. Buff Thor once (twice for good measure) and then just put it on auto. Today’s Epic I was only attacked by Anky and a couple others, the rest were now slower an thus died very, very quickly.

Unless Ludia decides they are going start moding the PvE’s, they are going to all become very easy to breeze thru with little to no thought/planning.

Never should have allowed speed to be moded IMO, ruins the underlying strategy of the game.

Must suck to be Ludia. People complain about things being too hard. And now they complain about them being to easy lol.

You should just take your coins and be happy


That’s fair. I guess my point is just that you have different classes with associated speeds for a reason. In what world does it make sense for a Trex to be faster than a raptor? It doesn’t.

I understand that once we’ve all shelled out our life savings, things will “fix themselves”, but in the meanwhile it’s going to be a mess.

Im not complaining… I like it this was but… My Thor beat the 3 lvl 30 tower yesterday all by itself without taking a single point of dmg

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I would imagine at some point boosted level 30s are going to be strike tower bosses. They have to be… im not like how am i gonna beat this strike today anymore im like who am i gonna solo this strike with

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Doesn’t seem to be much point in making strike tower vids after these boosts either.

Just like you said, It’s no longer a matter of how do I win, it’s who do I wanna win with?

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“Here’s the strat I went with, a lvl 25 Tryko w/600 speed and 7000 base damage…”


I’m gonna get me one of those birds to press the attack button for me. Doesn’t really matter which one:

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