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Strike events week feb 4-10



I wonder if sundays strike is gonna be a lvl 30 sino, darwin and erliko…not to intimidating… unless they make it a 30 thor, erlidom, and stygidarex… then we will have a new hardest strike.


don’t forget about the new strike event look for 1.6. I think maybe that will tell us what it is. (well they are usually leaked on mondays, so - lol)

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Either way three epics and that 7 step should include the best themed incubator yet.


yeah even more darwin and erliko and sino :star_struck:


Ill end up with like 300 sino and 50 some of darwin or erliko… and its not like thats a bad thing.

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watch me get wuerho and aramb for the rares lol

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2 master difficulty in 1 week!? Come on they having a laugh only 1 reasonable epic strike!?! Catering to spoofs again!


Yeah, at least we cant get useless epic dna from the 7step epic tower :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Love that seven steps one,it will be not too
hard and a guaranteed good epic DNAs


Why is the 7 step one guaranteed to have good DNA and not the others? I’m confused


Because its the event dinos theme. From the other two you can get anything

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Where does it say that? I’m trying to figure out how to read the chart.


Its always like that…every week. The epic towers with the lighter yellow background (mainly lvl20-23 opponents) contain the theme dinos and you can get just the specific types of dna( in this case: deinocheirus, galli, tarbo, wuerho, aramb, dilo, tuojiango, erli, sino, darwin)
And the ones with the darker yellow/gold background are the boss towers, usually with lvl30 opponents…from them you can get any type of dna