Strike issue

When I was fighting in a strike event I stunned one of the Dino’s. It was in the thinking mode until it counted down to zero. This happened multiple times…

This is a bug, best to avoid using stunning dinos or long invincibility while doing strikes

I’ve encountered the same issue but just like your screenshot shows, it only happens if you manage to stun the final enemy of the strike event. Stunning the first or second enemies do not cause this problem. encountered it on the first dino of a fight… lately it hasnt been as bad as it used to be for me… i always cringe when i use a stunning move on a strike cause i know the chance… because it affect long invincibility as well i feel its an issue with the ai… basically wanting to pick a move but knowing it a) cant or b) is going to do zero damage… i had the last indom strike bug out on me 3 times.