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Strike rewards

I think the randomness of the incubators are decent. But it would be cool for the strikes to give the dinosaurs you use or the one that scores a takedown to get a small bit of of DNA. I know a lot of the lower strikes I just use the same dinos over and over. It would let us change up the monotony and score some DNA for some of the dinos we might be having trouble finding. Or just an added bonus. shrug

JWA ? Shift the topic. @Ronald ?

Is it JWA? Coz it’s not from jwtg

@anon43877113 I got scared there for a second.

Incubators are in JWA,not JWTG,we have Card Packs in JWTG,incubators are essentially the same thing as packs,but they look different.

Yaa I’ve played JWA for about 10-15 minutes once before so I know of the incubators…

Yeah, jwa, I didn’t notice the topic changed when I selected. Should be fixed now. Sorry and thank you.

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That’s fine,now the JWA guys must be reading and be like “Crazy people”.

Ya lol.:joy::joy::joy::joy: