Strike Team Question

In the photo above is my current strike squad. I have some disposable coins at the moment and was wondering if leveling indo g2 to 26 (no boost) and then replacing the level 30 tenontorex (no boost) with it. The rest of my squad is t8 average so the decision isn’t a dynamic one, but I wanted opinions before I sunk coins. Thanks in advance for any opinions.

I don’t think you should get rid of Tenrex. You already have too many speedsters on the team and we are in a very high HP meta so replacing it with Indo2 is not smart imo. I think replacing Indo1 or Spyx would be a better choice.

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If I took some boosts off indo g1 and applied them to indo g2. I’d have an Indo g2 with 3-3-3 stats. I’m rolling with Spyx because of precise rampage.

Agree, maybe I would keep Indo and bench Spyx.

Spyx can still be good. I’ve been destroyed by them when I don’t have the right draw (no immunes and nothing faster). I think Indo 1 would be a better choice to drop for Indo2 right now.

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Tenrex is no slouch.
Dio, Grypo, Orion, Nemys, Thyla, and Tryko are in a world of hurt.
Everyone else sustains substantial damage.
High apex or not, he does well in the current meta.
EDIT: I’m going to assume you are a Nublar shores reg.
I’d ditch Spyx. You will get differing opinions on it, but either Indo G1 or Spyx can be replaced by Indo G2. But I’d keep Tenrex.

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